Angel of Tremaen Digital Print Small


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Situated in the glorious Welsh county of Ceredigion, St. Michael's Tremaen* is a church built with the hands of a poet, John Jones known by his bardic name 'Talhaiarn'. I found poetry in the microcosm of lichen on the face of this angelic hood mould to the front porch. For me, this image holds within it several layers of meaning. At first the sculptured face, then the Pwntan sandstone that it has been formed from, and finally the living patina of lichen. 

Patina, Texture, Angelic, Sculptured, Pattern, Spirit of Place, Rooted, Timeless, Uplifting, Architecture, Gothic, Heritage, History, Tradition, Nature, Living Worlds, Flora and Fauna. 

Landscape Format. 6x4 aspect ratio. For bespoke prints up to approx 20x30cm (8x12 inches).

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*St. Michael's Tremaen is cared for by the Friends of Friendless Churches - please give them your support. 

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