The Glory Of Wells Digital Print Medium


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Tap into the beauty and diversity of the iconic Gothic facade at Wells Cathedral.

I've spent may days and hours stood in front of the facade at Wells Cathedral. On the day I took this photograph I had one camera recording the light play every few seconds in a time-lapse. I had another camera at hand for moments like this. For a few seconds the light teased out the features on the facade - the geometry and sculpture came to life and the whole facade seemed to sing. This photograph captures a perfect light-scape on one of the most remarkable Gothic facades in Europe. 

Place, Place-making, Spirit of Place, Architecture, Pattern, Colour, Decoration, Design, Sculpture, Art History, History, Architectural History, Medieval, Light, Colour Temperature, Gothic, Geometry, Architects.

Landscape Format. 6x4 aspect ratio. For prints up to approx 45x30cm (12x18 inches). 

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